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Galen Rowell
Mountain Light

The book is signed by Galen Rowell

1986, 1st edition. 224 pp, 100+ photos. Large Format Hardcover, Dust Jacket and Book are both in Very Fine condition. SIGNED on the title page by Galen Rowell.

Galen’s best book on his craft of taking photographs. Mountain Light presents Galen Rowell’s personal photographic ethic in inspiring and informative text and a stunning collection of eighty of his finest images. The photographs, with explanations of their making, are arranged in eight exhibits according to visual themes, which reflect Rowell’s fascination with the infinitely varying qualities of light to be found in mountain landscapes.

The special “magic hour” at dawn and dusk, backlight, soft light, sundown to sunset, light against light, artist’s light, placing figures in a landscape, and unexpected convergences of light and form are exemplified in the superb images and lively descriptions of how these images came about. Together with text chapters covering his development as a photographer, philosophy of picture taking, and the techniques and methods guiding his work, these exhibits demonstrate how Rowell creates “dynamic landscapes” - photographs that combine his special vision with extraordinary natural events.

In the main text Rowell chronicles his personal growth as a photographer. “My interest in photography did not begin with books or mentors,” he writes, “or with any burning desire to see the world through a camera. It evolved from an intense devotion to mountains and wilderness that eventually shaped all the parts of my life and brought them together.”

Rowell recounts his early climbing exploits and how he discovered in photography a way to preserve and share scenes of the natural world that had touched his soul. He discusses the role of personal style in capturing exceptional images and, in an era of increasingly high-tech media, affirms his dedication to preserving still photography as an art form that respects the integrity of the natural world.

Rowell’s philosophy is further amplified with practical information of special interest to photography enthusiasts. He discusses how film and the human eye see differently and shares insights on content and composition; working with outdoor optical phenomena and the control of natural light; how equipment, assignment, and adventure come together in the field; and the role of “luck” in achieving dynamic photographs.

But, above all, it is the photographic exhibits that demonstrate the uniqueness of Rowell’s vision. Though their subjects and locales vary widely, these images all possess singular, fanciful qualities that render them more expressive of the photographer’s aesthetic intentions than of mere subject matter. In Mountain Light Galen Rowell takes us on a revealing journey-from the photographer’s mind and eye to the instant the camera’s shutter is released-in search of the dynamic landscape.

From Publishers Weekly: The viewer’s first reaction to these photographs (part of a traveling exhibit) is they are sheer magic. Rowell, author of In the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods and Mountains of the Middle Kingdom, is perhaps the leading photojournalist of our time; he is arguably the foremost wilderness photographer. The text is partly autobiographical but focuses on Rowell’s perception of photography as art and his technique of taking pictures. Accompanying each photograph of mountains in China, California, Alaska, Pakistan, Tibet, etc., is a brief essay describing how it was composed and shot (including technical data). This is a gem, the perfect gift for camera buffs, nature lovers, virtually anybody. Copyright 1986 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Library Journal: Rowell was preeminent among photographers of mountains. His creations carry extraordinary visual impact: the affinity for light that marks his personal vision is supported by superb technical achievement. His abilities as a climber have allowed access to some of the world’s most remote landscapes. This book presents 80 of Rowell’s favorite photographs, grouped according to instructive similarities. Accompanying descriptions cover not only technical data but the circumstances which surrounded the making of the image. The quality of reproduction is in keeping with the high Sierra Club standards.

May 23, 2021
November 1, 2021, 4:00 PM MDT

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Our thanks to Michael Chessler for the book. Description courtesy of Chessler Books.

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