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Highpointers Foundation Silent Auction

A fundraising event to benefit the Highpointers Foundation


Kurt Diemberger –

The complete text of Kurt's three books, SUMMITS AND SECRETS, THE ENDLESS KNOT AND SPIRITS OF THE AIR. Thick hardcover. SIGNED by Kurt Diemberger.

Feb 7th, 2011 - April 28th, 2011
4:00 PM MDT

Incremental bids must be at least $10 higher than the previous bid.
The high bidder on the last day wins, and has 1 week to submit payment.

Anyone can participate.

The book can be delivered in person at OH-11, or sent via registered mail.

All proceeds benefit the Highpointers Foundation. The amount donated is tax deductible beyond the ordinary value of the book; consult your tax professional.

Kurt Diemberger (born 1932 in Austria), is the only remaining person alive that has made the first ascents on two mountains over 8,000 metres. In 1957, he made the first ascent of Broad Peak and in 1960, the first ascent of Dhaulagiri. Diemberger was also the last person to see Hermann Buhl alive before he fell through a cornice on Chogolisa. Diemberger was one of only two survivors in the 1986 K2 Disaster. On August 4, 1986, Diemberger and Julie Tullis reached the summit of K2 very late in the day. Shortly after starting their descent, Julie fell -- dragging Diemberger with her. Fortunately, they somehow stopped from going over the edge and spent the night above 8,000 metres. They managed to reach Camp IV the next day, where they were forced to share a tent with six other climbers after their tent had collapsed from hurricane force winds. Unfortunately, Julie died later that night, possibly from HACE, and only one of the other climbers survived the descent with Diemberger. Diemberger is still active in the mountaineering world and works on film projects with his daughter.



Ends 4:00 PM MDT April 28th, 2011


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Dick Bourne - WINNING BID!

01:04 May 18th, 2011


Charlie Winger

11:11 May 17th, 2011


Dick Bourne

00:08 April 20th, 2011


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