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Reinhold Messner –
All Fourteen 8000ers

There are 14 peaks in the world that surpass the 8,000 meter mark, all located in the Himalayan or Karakoram mountain ranges in Asia, and many climbers are in the process of trying to climb them all. The first person to conquer the 14 peaks was Italian Reinhold Messner who climbed his first 8,000 meter peak in 1970 and finished his last in 1986.

July 27th - October 8th, 2010
4:00 PM MDT

Incremental bids must be at least $10 higher than the previous bid.
The high bidder on the last day wins, and has 1 week to submit payment.

Anyone can participate.

The book can be delivered in person at MS-10, or sent via registered mail.

All proceeds benefit the Highpointers Foundation. The amount donated is tax deductible beyond the ordinary value of the book; consult your tax professional.

What motivated Messner to be so dedicated in pursuit of his goal, despite unbelievable hardships, to keep confronting danger, death, loneliness, and self-doubt? The answer can be found in this revealing memoir. Through engaging text and full-color and black-and-white photos, readers will get a glimpse of the preparation, organization, and running of an expedition, and share rare moments on the summits of the world’s highest peaks. This updated edition also includes Messner’s comments on Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air.



Ends 4:00 PM MDT October 8th, 2010


Bid time and Date

Bid Amount


Vince Golbeck - WINNING BID!

18:02 10/8/10


Vince Golbeck

17:008 9/12/10


William Wyant

08:49 8/14/10


Vince Golbeck

16:08 7/31/10


Troy Shaver

20:46 7/28/10


Dan Rinden

08:34 7/29/10


Starting Bid




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