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What:    National Geographic – Three Historic Everest Issues

These three historic National Geographic issues focus on Everest.

The July 1954 issue covers the first ascent of Everest in May, 1953. It’s feature length article is full of historic full color shots from that expedition.

The November 1955 issue has a feature length article in which Hillary discusses Makalu and the exploration of the valleys around Everest. This article is also full of full color photos.

The stunning May 2003 issue celebrates the 50th anniversary of Everest’s first ascent with five feature articles titled:
Everest’s Greatest Hits (An illustrated history spanning 150 years of mountain milestones),
Altitude and the Death Zone (Above 26,000 feet the human body starts to shut down.),
Not Your Average Hero (Why a beekeeper from New Zealand was the right man for the job.),
Sir Edmund Remembers (Which accomplishment gives him the greatest pride? It’s not the climb.)
The Sherpas (It’s their mountain, and ever since tourists started pouring in, it’s their livelihood too.)

The 2003 issue does not include the Everest map.

November 1, 2015 —>
4:00 pm MDT, April 1, 2016

Incremental bids must be at least $20 higher than the previous bid.
The high bidder on the last day wins and has 1 week to submit payment.

Anyone can participate.

The book will be sent via registered mail.

All proceeds benefit the Highpointers Foundation.
The amount donated is tax deductible beyond the ordinary value of the magazines; consult your tax professional.



Ends 4:00 pm MDT April 1, 2016


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Cindy Outlaw - WINNING BID!

17:27 March 24, 2016


John W. Kershner

10:44 March 1, 2016


Cindy Outlaw

13:48 Oct 30, 2015


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Our thanks to Rick Hartman for the 1954 and 1955 issues
and Gerry Roach for the 2003 issue.

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