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Highpointers Foundation Projects – Northeast Region


Highpoints Films

2015 - Amount of financial assistance: $12,500 with a commitment of $40,000 for the remaining three regions in the coming year. We are seeking major corporate and private foundation sponsorship.
The Highpointers Foundation is committed to funding films on state highpoints and Highpointing, beginning with the Northeast Region, a film that was completed in 2016. The films will be featured in the Golden, Colorado BWAMM film room, and be made available at no cost to educational institutions for geography and other suitable classes. The Foundation is also helping to raise money for a feature length film on Highpointing called American Highpoints by Every Step Productions. It is the first film dedicated to the highpointing passion and strives to answer the question Why Highpointing?

The Highpointers Foundation is funding a series of Highpointing films in the major US regions.
EveryStep Productions is producing four films.
The first film about the Northeast Region is complete, and you can view it on Vimeo.
To watch the movie, click the photo or link below.

Highpointing - A New Way to Discover America
The Northeast Region

To watch the movie, click the photo or link above.


Connecticut – Mount Frissell

2012 - Amount of financial assistance: $1,300

The Highpointers Foundation provided funds for a register and sign on the summit of Mount Frissell that provide directions to the Connecticut Highpoint on the southern slopes of Mount Frissell. A register was also placed at the Highpoint. More recently, The HPF provided funds for a nice Kiosk at the trailhead.


District of Columbia – Point Reno

2007 to 2019 - Amount of financial assistance: roughly $2,800

The Highpointers Foundation provided funds for a benchmark placed by the Washington D.C. Surveyors Association after the highest natural ground of the Federal District was properly surveyed and established in 2007. There was a dedication ceremony in April 2008, and the highpoint became officially known at that point. The National Park Service is cited right on the benchmark as the owner, with an acknowledgement to the Surveyors Association. This was the first collaboration between the Highpointers Foundation and another organization for the benefit of a highpoint and for the benefit of the National Park Service.

The Highpointers Foundation worked with the National Park Service to create an interpretive sign to alert visitors to the significance of Point Reno as a state highpoint and to assist them with two signs that give directions to more easily locate the hard-to-find benchmark.

The National Park Service interpretive sign is now in place on the lawn.

Kym Elder and Raina Rusnak presenting at the dedication ceremony.

Raina Rusnak presenting to a group of Highpointers at the dedication ceremony.


Maryland – Backbone Mountain

2011 and 2012 - Amount of financial assistance: roughly $4,000

The Highpointers Foundation provided funds for signs leading visitors to the highpoint from the highway and along the summit ridge. These signs, developed by the Renaissance Signs firm of Gonic NH, employ theft-resistant bolts to deter vandals. A register mailbox and bench was added in 2012. We replaced the old wooden picnic table with a new one in 2017.

Gene and Lillian Elliott and friend at the Maryland Highpoint


New Hampshire – Mount Washington

2020 - Amount of financial assistance: roughly $900

The Highpointers Foundation has provided funds for an indoor register.

Norman Michaels, a long time supporter of the Highpointers Foundation, holds the sign announcing that there is a Highpointers Register inside the building on top of Mount Washington.


New Jersey – High Point

2015 - Amount of financial assistance: roughly $1,000

The Highpointers Foundation has provided funds for a bench.
The bench lies in a strategic spot halfway up the paved walkway to provide a rest for slower visitors.

J.D. and Brooke Kalinowski
on the New Jersey Bench.


Pennsylvania – Mount Davis

2015 - Amount of financial assistance: roughly $1,050

The Highpointers Foundation has provided funds for a bench. The bench lies at the edge of the summit clearing.


Rhode Island – Jerimoth Hill

An ongoing project (1999 –> 2019) - Amount of financial assistance: roughly $800 to date

The Highpointers Foundation has provided funds for signage at Jerimoth Hill from 1999 through 2019. The original signs directed visitors to only come on Club-approved and owner-sanctioned Open Access Dates. In 2005, the Good Guys and Gals Fund provided funds for materials for a trail to the highpoint, signs, and a mailbox register. There was an improvement weekend immediately after the NH-05 convention on Labor Day weekend, and close to 100 people helped over two days. A replacement register and improved signs were added in 2012. A new sign at the start of the trail was placed on the highway in 2019.

Chase Gibson drilling post for new sign on road.

Chase and Wiley Gibson mixing concrete for sign.

New sign in place on the highway by the start of the trail.

Rhode Island has a family friendly Highpoint!



Amount of financial assistance to date in the Northeast Region: Over $9,000

The Highpointers Foundation has raised over $170,000, and has invested more than $120,000 at 31 US state highpoints, the Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum in Golden, Colorado, and for the USA-wide program of Highpoints movies.


Future projects

Possible future projects to assist privately and publicly owned state highpoints in the Northeast Region are being considered at: CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT, and WV.
  • Connecticut – Mount Frissell – A fully funded bench, info kiosk, and crushed rock at parking area
  • District of Columbia – Fort Reno – We are working with the National Park Service
    to provide an informational sign with directions to the hard-to-find benchmark.
  • New Hampshire – Mount Washington – Observatory Museum assistance
  • Pennsylvania – Mount Davis – Kiosk, signs, historical plaque
The Highpointers Foundation Board of Directors always welcomes ideas for other projects at state highpoints.
Submit your project idea!

List of the US State Summits

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