The Highpointers Foundation
Dedicated to education, support and conservation
of the highest point in each of the 50 United States.

HPF Partner Testimonials

“The Highpointers have long been part of the fabric of climbing in America and continue to track and curate the details surrounding ascents of the highpoints in the US. The Highpointers Foundation has been instrumental in helping the American Mountaineering Museum produce just the right exhibits to tell their story and the story of all of us who seek high places.”

Phil Powers — Executive Director, American Alpine Club, Golden, CO
Partner with the Foundation for over a decade

“We support the Highpointers Foundation because of the great work they are doing to make highpoints a desirable destination. Highpointing is both a family and community endeavor. Families, both immediate and extended, develop a special bond while planning their trips, in time spent together on the quest and reliving the moments shared while enjoying our great country and all it offers. The community enjoys the pride of having a highpoint that is well presented and taken care of and the economic benefit of entertaining guests. All appreciate experiencing the culture, unique features and welcoming atmosphere in so many less-traveled areas of our great country.”

Dennis & Barbara Gregory, MN, Highpointers for over 20 years

“We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to help The Highpointers Foundation regarding multiple state highpoints, as we believe in the Foundation’s mission about the care and maintenance of those special places, and we appreciate the Foundation’s work in developing harmonious relationships with highpoint owners.”

Lauren & Mark Kalinowski, NJ, Highpointers for over 15 years

“The Highpointers Foundation is one of my favorite charitable organizations. Their project reach has extended to the highest points of many U.S. states to promote and improve the hiking experience for landowners, hiking enthusiasts, and others interested in maintaining this outdoor experience for generations to come. Their projects are undertaken with a goal of making and retaining access to the highpoints in ways that respect the environment. Their desire is to work with local landowners and government authorities to see that the wishes of these valued partners are accomplished. Common projects include signage to keep visitors on the preferred routes; roadwork to make the arrival and departure easier; placing of registers to archive the visits; and placing of benches so weary visitors may obtain momentary relief. I personally know many of the leaders of the Highpointers Foundation, and I am impressed by their individual commitment to values that I share as I further my outdoor enjoyment. They walk the talk. I would enthusiastically encourage others to join me in support of this worthy organization.”

John Hasch, IN, Highpointer for over 15 years

“It is our pleasure to support the Highpointers Foundation, an organization that works to protect, preserve and in some cases improve the highest natural elevation in each state. For us, the emphasis on education and the encouragement of healthy outdoor physical activity are important concomitant objectives of the Highpointers Foundation.”

Tom & Helen Martin, OH, Highpointers for over 30 years

“We have been members of the Highpointers Club almost from the beginning. We have watched it grow in size and mature in activities. It was several years before the Foundation was formed, and we thought that was a good idea. It has been very active in improving the physical highpoints and the approaches to them, but even more important to us is the good relationships now enjoyed with the private highpoint owners, as at first that was not the case. We are pleased to be part of the Foundation’s work by being contributing members.”

Barbara & Homer Gurtler, IL, Highpointers for over 30 years

“I find the vision of the Highpointers Foundation to be of tremendous value and hold the Foundation and its Directors in high esteem. It’s refreshing these days to see a mission and idea that is followed up with action by the devout and dedicated individuals who run the organization. Hats off to the Foundation and the fine folks who make things happen! I know my money is being invested wisely. Thank you!”

James Graham, CA, Highpointer for over 10 years

“Geo’Junga supports the Highpointers Foundation fundraising efforts with custom appreciation benchmarks for all levels of donor support including Katahdin, Elbert, Whitney, Rainier and Denali. All made in USA.”

Jerald Richardson, owner of Geo’Junga Medallions, Partner of the Foundation for over 4 years

“Highpointing is so much more than just finding a USGS marker—it means adventure together as a family. It’s time in the woods connecting with each other and experiencing the calm of nature. It’s the blissful feeling of summer as we dip our feet into a nearby lake post-hike to celebrate our accomplishment. Highpointing means great food together as a family as we feast on homemade pie, eat our body weight in ice cream, and sample local cuisine. It’s the adventure of experiencing state fairs and seeing roadside attractions like the world’s largest Pringle, two of the three largest balls of twine, and adding a coat to the world’s largest ball of paint. To us, it’s putting away the electronics, rebooting our systems, and connecting in the old-fashioned way. Showing my daughter parts of the country we would never otherwise see is not only educational and restorative, but lets us create memories we’ll carry with us for life. The support from the Highpointers Foundation makes all of this possible from their educational offerings, updates about current happenings on highpoints, and continued good relations with property owners. The Foundation’s work and support make us feel like part of a solid community, much like family.”

Raina Rusnak, DC, Highpointer for over 10 years

“It was great working with the Highpointers Foundation to install a bench on the trail to Black Elk Peak. We worked together and found a location that provided a view of the Peak.”

Jayme Severyn
Ranger, Custer State Park, SD, Partner of the Foundation for over 3 years

“Through the Highpointers Foundation, my wife and I are able to support the ongoing effort to properly maintain and care for our state highpoints. The Foundation is very involved with all aspects of making sure our state highpoints are responsibly preserved and available for future generations to enjoy.”

Mark & Melissa Grylicki, CO, Highpointers for over 10 years

“In 2008, Iowa’s highest elevation, Hawkeye Point, was transferred from the Merrill and Donna Sterler family to Osceola County. After many years of welcoming highpointers to the farm; the family’s only request was that Hawkeye Point would continue to remain open to the public. The Sterler’s wish has been realized in large part due to the financial support and encouragement of the Highpointers Foundation. Improvements to the site include a stone mural at the actual high point, a flagpole, information kiosk, observation deck, an agricultural walk-through museum, antique farm machinery display, and a number of stone markers. Adjacent to the property is the Hawkeye Point Campground. The campground includes a bathhouse, shelter house, and 12 fully equipped camping sites.

The Highpointers Foundation has been at our side each step of the way to keep Hawkeye Point open to the public and transform this old farm site into a unique highpoint park welcoming visitors from all 50 states and numerous foreign countries.”

Mike D. Earll, IA
Hawkeye Point Foundation Chairman, Partner of the Foundation for over 10 years

“Highpointing is a rewarding hobby for everyone from the casual hiker to the experienced mountaineer. The Highpointers Foundation does a great job improving access to the highest points in each state.”

Peter Ford, VA, Highpointer for over 15 years

“Once we started highpointing it was an easy decision for our family to support the Highpointers Foundation. Finding benches, signs, and other enhancements left by the Foundation at any highpoint has become part of the experience for us, and we always cheer when we see the logo.”

Jill Koly, DC, Highpointer for over 10 years

“I’m so pleased to be a supporter of the Highpointers Foundation. The work it does in maintaining good relationships with the privately owned highpoints and maintaining and improving access to highpoints around the country helped me and will help generations to come to reach their goal of standing at the top of each state. Because of the Foundation’s work I succeeded in reaching the highest point of the 48 continental U.S. states. Driving and flying around this vast country, seeing so much scenic beauty and meeting local people as we traveled, lodged, dined and hiked in every state, gave me a tremendous appreciation of what a wonderful land it is.”

Norman Michaels, NH, Highpointer for over 10 years

“The Cradle of Forestry Interpretive Association would like to give a big shout-out to the Highpointers Foundation for their continued support at Brasstown Bald, Georgia’s Highest Point. Thanks to their generously donated funds, many projects have been accomplished which have enhanced the overall experience of all who visit Brasstown Bald. This is a wonderful example of a partnership at its best, where the benefits will be felt for years to come.”

Julia Sparks, Site Manager at Brasstown Bald USFS, Partner of the Foundation for over 6 years

“It’s a privilege to support the Foundation which believes in helping individuals of all walks of life where trails take you to experience what so many miss out on. The great outdoors can bring peace and contentment when you search for it. The Foundation plays a major role for people of whatever age in many ways; just the mere joy and pleasure after a long or short hike and to be able sit, relax and snack is due to its many volunteers and donors. This is achieved via picnic tables, benches, and mailboxes to record your visit and signs to get you to and from. In communities where highpoints are more accessible than others, it is a privilege that individuals can hike often knowing that at the top is something that has been provided by the Foundation. We know we can trust that funds donated there will go where needed.”

Gene & Lillian Elliott, MD, Hoye-Crest Liaisons, Highpointers for over 20 years

“I have had the opportunity to sit in on a Highpointers Foundation meeting with a landowner. Great care was taken to listen and to discuss options, working together to achieve a win-win result. If you care about maintaining public access to the state highpoints, and about sustaining positive relations between highpointers on the one hand and private landowners and public land management agencies on the other, you cannot do better than to support the work of the Highpointers Foundation.”

Ken Jones, designer of the Highpointers logo and 50-state completer #35. Highpointer for over 40 years.

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